Monday, July 22, 2013

Guess who's back...

Its been way too long but here I am... lots more pairs of shoes later. Posting soon.... Erica

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm saying bye, bye...

Summer is fleeting... almost makes you want to wear every pair of sandals, sundress, bikini & halter top you own in one day. There's nothing like a good sundress, especially one that has a dot of lingerie to it. I love cups with underwire & boning (don't judge me...). Let me know what you think about these...

Sweetheart Dress sold at Victorias Secret & their dot com- its on sale for $49! This is a great buy for the last month of summer & will be great for July 2011. You can do sandals or pumps- all depends on sexified you're trying to go.

Animal print is back in... I personally don't think it ever was out. In almost every magazine this month, the thing for fall is leopard. I'm gonna do mine a month early... rompers were the big thing this summer. Everywhere I looked, someone had one on. This sexy animal print romper is the best of both worlds... $49 on

I've got the fuzzies for weddings right now & I'm always imagining what my gown will look like when I jump the broom. I want to make sure I get a dress that looks like me & is still classy enough to make my grandmother proud... how bout this one?

I do a lot of posts with ASOS clothes & its because affordably they always make you look like the sh*t! I want to wear feathers & cleavage on my big day- this dress does both. It may work better as a reception dress because its so sexy but it gets my thumbs up! $202.14- can't beat that!

What are you gonna wear to kiss summer goodbye?


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Holiday!!! Celebraaaate!

That's my ode to Madonna... that song makes me wanna skip in place wearing a huge bow. Its almost Memorial Day & other than not having to work Monday, its a weekend full of parties, bbqs & cuteness... check me out!

I've been doing yoga, trying to eat better & pilates in hopes of wearing a sexy dress to show off my swervy curves. This one is at for $20. The print makes me think of being outside with a umbrella-laced drink. Like my shoes...?

Back in the day, Bakers used to be called Leeds shoes. In high school, I was hooked! Fast forward x-amount (I'm not telling how many) years & they still have pretty good stuff, reasonably priced. These wedges are called KAMERON for $69.99. I think this would make this dress so much more cute.

BBQ to attend? Short pockets? Try this...
Forever 21 ALWAYS delivers... Silk dress for $20?! Buy 2!

And these sandals?
I also saw these at Bakers & they were ridiculously on sale... I should have bought them then! I found them on Urban for $48- you could do these with some cutoffs & a white t- they are very functional & cute as hell!

On a hot day, its nothing like having a little air circulate under that skirt. There's nothing like sticky thighs... trust me. This dress is PERFECT for a super hot day but is still neat enough to look like you made an effort to get dressed in spite of the heat
Yes, its a white t but its so much better than that! T by Alexander Wang on $85. Even after summer, you can grab a belt, some boots & roll for the fall.

I've been hunting these sandals for MONTHS
Jeffrey Campbell is really knocking it out of the park with his shoes right now! I saw these in blue a few months back in Lucky Magazine & fell in love! I've only seen one person with them on in all these months & 1 website that carries them. I need them yesterday! Can't you see how fresh they'd look with that t dress & some snazzy (yes, I said snazzy... don't judge me... lol) shades?! Get into it!

Like these? Watch out for the baked beans & bbq sauce! Happy Memorial Day!

Erica "Where tha' Party At?" Orange

Friday, May 7, 2010

Put a Hot Ring On It...

I have big hands and big hands usually hold big fingers. In the last few years, I've shed my insecurity about my massive palms by keeping a fresh mani & a firery ring on my digits. I plan to buy myself something super serious clad with diamonds & a precious metal very, very soon. Until then, I'm on this... HOTNESS! I've been seeing ladies with really hot acrylic nails like these lately. Its made me want to go grab a seat & sniff formaldhyde & nail glue. This ring fills in the gap. It WAS $160... but its sold out... former nail junkies unite & help me find this ring!!!

You like?


Thursday, April 22, 2010

And this is why I love Target..

A couple months ago, I was flipping through one of my favorite educational tools (Lucky Magazine) & saw a wonderful ad. It was selling something that could change lives... shoes by Cynthia Vincent for Target. They were scheduled to drop April 18th & I decided back in February the cognac wedges in the ad would be mine.

Fast forward... Sunday April 18... 6pm. I logged onto & those bad boys were gone- OUT OF STOCK. That night, I got inspired & told myself I would get on the road to find my shoes the next morning. I wasn't the only one waiting on these shoes & lots of folks had my same idea. I hit a store in West Hollywood- nothing. Bellflower... zip. Lakewood didn't even carry Cynthia Vincent. On the freeway back to the city, I called the Van Nuys store, willing to drive another 40 miles on the hunt for my wedges. I called the store. SOLD OUT BUT getting a shipment at 3. I called back at 315 & wouldn't you know, those bad boys were gone. Upset and shoe deprived, I got back online & found the most remote Target I could get to... Valencia! They had my shoes- one pair of 10s left. I hopped on the 405 at rush hour, knowing I was coming home with my wedges. I fought traffic- and common sense- finally making it to the store. THEY SOLD MY DAMN SHOES BEFORE I COULD GET THERE!!! I was crushed & needed someone to curse at. I think the guest services clerk saw the crazy shoe gleam in my eye & came up with a solution... and I got my shoes. That was the best $100 I've ever spent on $30 shoes...


Erica "I got my wedges" Orange

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Leggings with Bows, Moptops & Potato chips

Howdy... I'm on my way back from my mental vacay. Sometimes you have to take some time off from everything to get your mind right. Erykah Badu wrote 'Window Seat' just for me... lol.

I was at traffic court a few days back. I had a super early check in time but if any of you know, that appointment time means nothing. I stood in a line that wrapped around a building, so I decided to people watch. There was a really hip, trendy chick in line. Fly sunglasses, hot white handbag- just really cute for it to be 8 am. As the line moved, I noticed there was something special about her leggings. They had bows on them! I don't know her name, but cute girl, thanks for inspiration! Gotta buy these!

OWWWW! I really want these! Charlie 5 Point mini bow leggings on on sale for $79! I have $79... I'm gonna buy these this week! These leggings are cute & multi-functional- pumps, sandals, flats, dressy or casual. You gotta buy some too!

I have a thing for white shirts. Long sleeves, short ones, tanks, tight, loose- you can't go wrong with a white shirt. I'd pair this Mango brand shirt
with the leggings. It has a cute zipper in the back
and obviously everyone loves it because its on backorder on for $33.65-

Black & white works on a job interview... so I'd turn the outfit up with a bright, splashy color and one of my favorite things; A CARDIGAN!!!
Photobucket for $29.50- you can buy a bunch of these at this price. The short sleeves give it a different cardigan look. You can do this for summer with a tank or like I did, layer it with sleeves. Push the shirt sleeves back, grab some bracelets & pumps like these

Steve Madden makes these. 'Caryssa' on Piperlime for $89.00... I bought these back at Christmas from Bakers & I love them. This is a great shoe at a reasonable cost- hell, Rachel Zoe made them one of her shoe picks on Piperlime (after I bought them... assume what you will from my comment...).

I made a new friend a few months ago. We'd met once or twice before but this particular night after talking about potato chips, she became one of my favorite people. Fast forward a few months and my new stylish friend launched a seriously fly, grown up blog about everything from Henna hair coloring to recipes to DIY projects & her fashion picks (which are fly!)- check out
The Moptop Maven right now!

Happy Shopping!

Erica O.

Friday, March 26, 2010



I haven't blogged in a few weeks and even though I find awesome stuff online everyday, I haven't wanted to share... until now. Instead of being on the couch moping, I'm showing you these...


AMAZING! These are custom made shoes- it takes about 21 days to make them but so worth it! I think I love this pair the most. That sweet little bow makes a sexy shoe sexier. SInce I'm building a business, I'm adding this to my list of things to get when the checks start rolling in... what do you think?